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Leland Francis

Body Radiance

Body Radiance

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Experience the ultimate glow with Body Radiance – a luxurious highlighting body balm that not only nourishes your skin, but also offers a natural and sun-kissed radiance. Our special blend, enriched with skin-nourishing extracts, combats dullness and satisfies your skin's need for a flawless, luminous look. Simply glide it over your décolleté for a velvety, radiant sheen that is both subtle and striking.

Why Choose Body Radiance?
Ultimate Illumination
Deep Nourishment
Radiant Glow
Silky Smoothness
Natural Sheen

Key Ingredients:
Sunflower Seed Wax: The natural wax for moisturizing and enhancing texture.
Evening Primrose Oil: The night blossom oil for soothing and brightening.
Tamanu Oil: The tropical nut emollient for moisture and rejuvenation.
Apricot Oil: The golden kernel for skin brightening and nourishment.
Squalane: The plant-based lipid for hydration and softness.

℮ 60g / 2oz

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