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Leland Francis

Body Serum

Body Serum

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Experience the sumptuous Body Serum, a decadent body oil that deeply nourishes and illuminates your skin. This opulent treatment is infused with antioxidants and fatty acids, delivering multi-level hydration to revitalize your skin's innate radiance. Prepare for exquisitely soft and luminous skin, enveloping your entire beautiful body.

Why Choose Body Serum?
Ultimate Hydration
Skin Replenishment
Transformational Nourishment
Environmental Protection
Illuminating Glow

Key Ingredients:
Sunflower Oil: The sunshine hydrator for environmental protection and soothing.
Apricot Oil: The golden kernel for brightening and nourishment.
Squalane: The plant-based lipid for hydration and softness.
Arnica: The soothing salve for skin renewal and stress relief.
Pink Peppercorn: The energizing pepper extract for skin purification and mood uplift.
Sandalwood Oil: The aromatic wood oil for elasticity and wrinkle prevention.
Rose Oil: The queen of essential oils for skin regeneration and collagen production.
Bergamot Oil: The luxury citrus oil for skin cleansing and nourishment.

℮  100 mL / 3.3 fl. oz.

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